Aztec-Inspired Painted Rocks

They’re cool on a sill. They’re cool in a bowl. They’re cool almost anywhere, didn’t you know? Dr. Seuss (practically) said so.

The first time I painted rocks, I thought they were fun. The second time I painted rocks, I thought they were pretty hip. And now, I’m pretty confident they’re the coolest things ever. Don’t try to tell me that these are not the coolest things ever because you’ll never convince me.

Need a doorstop? Paint some rocks! Need some fun on your coffee table? Paint some rocks! Need some radiator candy? Some interest in front of your bathroom mirror? You guessed it.

Here’s how:

  1. Clean rocks.
  2. Paint rocks. I use acrylic paint, a tiny paintbrush, and masking tape when I need a particularly crisp line.
  3. Seal rocks. Mod Podge or clear spray paint will do the trick.

They make a great gift for a stylish friend. Or, I love the idea of rocks as souvenirs. Collect one from all the places you go, paint a design on the front, and write the location on the back. Free AND awesome souvenir. Score.