Indie Gift Ideas at Storenvy

I started my Christmas list four months ago. I started dropping hints about my Christmas list to family and friends three and a half months ago.

If you’re like me, beware: your case of the holiday I-Wants is about to get worse.

Have you seen Storenvy? Think Etsy, but extra. Individual sellers and indie businesses can run customizable online stores with their own domain name through Storenvy, while we, the shoppers, can still shop all of them at once by category.

Here are just a few drool-worthy listings that I may be putting on my wish list, because I swear, Santa, I’ve been good.

Turquoise slab necklace accented with antique brass
Price: $30.00

Ginormo 6-foot wall mustache
Price: $40.00

Bakers twine in any color your heart desires
Price: $100.00 for 8 spools

Triangles and rhombus wall stencil
Price: $34.00

Objectify orbit wall clock
Price: $30.00

Cozy industrial sofa with belt strap back supports
Price: $5,000.00

Chunky wood block exposed bulb pendant light
Price: $75.00

While one of these is on my “fat chance” wish list (guess), I reeally hope my husband reads this for the rest of them.