Telephone Handset Bookends

Telephone Handset Bookends (via

I haven’t had a land line in about 10 years; after I switched my cell phone to an unlimited calling plan, I could no longer justify paying two bills.  It’s a shame, though, that I no longer have a use for my vintage 1970s powder blue telephone.  If you love the aesthetic of an old-school phone but don’t have occasion to use one for chit-chatting, why not work the handset into your decor elsewhere?  That’s what Erin and Stephanie from Oh So Lovely did when they created these fabulous bookends, which they shared at A Beautiful Mess.  Since telephone technology has come so far in such a short time, old phones are one of those items that you can pick up an nearly any thrift store for a nominal price, making this project as cheap as it is cute and functional!

Telephone Handset Bookends at A Beautiful Mess