DIY Wedding Centerpiece: Rustic Elegance Mar06


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DIY Wedding Centerpiece: Rustic Elegance

DIY Wedding Centerpiece: Rustic Elegance

Hello – I’m Margot Potter from The Impatient Crafter™! I was tickled seventeen different shades of pink when I received my box of stunning DIY wedding supplies from David Tutera Bridal. We live in a knotty pine cabin style home in the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Decorating has been a lot of fun and also presented many challenges. I love the rustic appeal of all the wood in our great room, but I’m also a gal who loves sparkle. Simple glass vases and a rustic pine container come to life with just a little effort, David’s fabulous supplies and some affordable extras. This DIY centerpiece would be equally at home at an elegant wedding affair as it is in our dining room . . .


  • 3 10” glass vases (Target garden section)
  • Rustic pine container (Target garden section)
  • Black river rocks (Target garden section)
  • 3 cream silk poppies with long stems cut to fit vases (Michael’s floral department)
  • Cream rose bouquet (Michael’s floral department)
  • Rhinestone brooch (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Plastic Gems (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Bling on a Roll (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Wired mini-lights (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Wired table number stand (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Table numbers (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Rhinestone and glitter stickers (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Rhinestone and pearl hat picks (David Tutera Bridal)
  • Hot glue sticks


  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Mark Center Point

The glass vases are 10” long, measure the center point and mark with a permanent marker.

Measure Bling

Measure the bling on a roll to fit around the center of the vase.

Cut Bling

Cut bling with scissors.

Glue Bling

Add a line of hot glue the width of the bling and attach one end, wrap, add another line of hot glue and secure bling.

Glue Rope

Cut your rope segments to fit around vase, four for each vase. Starting where your bling on a roll is connected, add a dab of hot glue and gently slide one end of the rope into the glue. Wrap rope to center, add a dab of glue and slide rope into the glue. Repeat for end of rope. Go back in and add a dab of glue at the center point between the glued areas, pulling your rope gently up and sliding into glue. The rope is secured four times. Repeat this process for all four ropes, two on top of the bling and two below it. Take a moment to clean up glue strings and vase before next step.

Glue Flower Stem

Put a dab of hot glue on each flower stem, insert into vase and place in center. Hold until glue sets.

Add Crystals

Pour gems around flower in each vase. Place all three vases in center of pine container.

Add rocks

Pour river rocks around vases.

Glue Brooch

Remove pin back from brooch with wire cutters, adhere to front of pine container.

Bling Letter

Attach some plastic rhinestone and glitter stickers to the number sign!

Mini Jug One

Bling Jug

Use hot glue to attach bling around top and bottom of mini milk jug.

Add Lights to Bouquet

Wire flowers with lights, hide batteries inside of jug.

Add Accents

Add picks to flowers.

Rustic Elegant Vase Details

David Tutera Wedding Campaign Effects

To learn more about the David Tutera Bridal collection, visit the links below:

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Darice and The Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.