Globe Light Fixture Cover

Globe Light Cover

When Roeshel at DIY Showoff accidentally cracked the glass part of a light fixture, she had an ironic solution.  Did you know that the glass cover part of a light is called a globe?  Well, she replaced her broken one with…  a globe!  This is a great way to use an old globe that is in rough condition and otherwise might end up in the trash.  Plus, the light fixture now has even more personality and unique charm than it did with its original glass cover!  This idea would also work for making a shade for a table or floor lamp.  (As always when modifying light fixtures, though, make sure you are careful to avoid the possibility of fire!  Roeshel’s fixture is rarely used so the bulb doesn’t have much time to heat up and be dangerous; if you’re concerned about the temperature of your bulb, CFL or LED lighting are great low-temp alternatives to incandescent bulbs!)