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Our Ladd Room Makeover

Ladd Room before & after

My parents own a 1905 Craftsman 3-story home in Portland, Oregon’s historic Ladd’s Addition neighborhood. The location is amazing – just a mile walk from downtown, only three blocks from the vibrant Hawthorne district (and a short walk to many encampments of food trucks!).

Did I say three stories? Well, sorta. It has three stories up, and then a fully remodeled basement with three bedrooms, a kitchen, living area, bathroom and laundry room. Basically, a FULL 3-bedroom apartment in the basement. So, four functional stories. The house is amazing!

This summer, my parents (aided my my sister and I), are fully furnishing the basement. My sister is our Interior Designer, and I’m her assistant, and my parents and some friends are all pitching in to get this enormous project done. We’ve been working on it all week.

Our goal for the first half of the week was to get ONE bedroom done. We needed to paint, move furniture, find the right linens, bedside tables, and accessories. We want to try to use what we already have, and fill in with trips to Goodwill and other home decor stores (if absolutely necessary).

Each bedroom will be named after a nearby Portland neighborhood, and take on some of the vibe that the neighborhood is known for. The first bedroom we wanted to finish is called the Ladd Room, named after the neighborhood the house is in.

Ladd's Addition Map

Ladd’s Addition was Portland’s first planned neighborhood, and is a perfect square that spreads 8 blocks by 8 blocks. The interior of the neighborhood is unique in that there is a circular garden in the center of the neighborhood, and streets radiating out from the center on the diagonal. There are four diamond-shaped rose gardens in the north, south, east, and west middle sections of the neighborhood.

Ladd Room Before:

Ladd Room before

This is a quick picture of the room “before” — it had a midcentury modern dresser, a twin bed, and yellowy paint. We want to use this room as a guest room for couples, so we are adding a larger bed, removing the dresser to allow enough room for the larger bed, and adding some bedside stands.

ladd room desk

The room has another set of challenges that we haven’t fully tackled yet. One: the left side wall (next to the bed) has a weird framed-out utility door right smack in the middle. It had a cheap desk sitting under the window.

I don’t have photos to show you of the desk area yet, but we are swapping a neat art deco desk into the nook, and creating a laptop and letter-writing station for our guests.

Ladd Room After:

Ladd Room Makeover

For our Ladd Room, we are going for a slightly genteel, botanical feel. We painted the walls a very light aqua color, and we have accents of coral, sage, aqua, and gold. We brought in a full bed with wicker head and footboard, an antique coffee table to use as a side table, and a wooden folding chair (painted and distressed) for the other side table. The curtains on the right close in a small closet, where we put a wicker stand for the guests’ suitcase.We aren’t totally finished with this room yet, but we are happy with the direction it’s going in, and we are working on furnishing the other bedrooms. I’ll keep you updated as we make progress!

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