Curb Appeal Project: Removing Cedar Bushes


Removing a cedar bush gives a new pallette for landscape design and increases safety

Summer is project time at our house. Last year it was Wainscoting in the living room. This year it’s fixing up our yard with some “curb appeal” projects.

Testing out Ryobi’s new 40-volt cordless tools

My favorite part of home improvement is trying out new tools. We use this as a great excuse to budget at least one piece of new equipment in our project cost. When it came time to clear out our 70 year old overgrown cedar shrubbery, we added some cool cordless electric pieces from Ryobi- an 18-volt pole chain saw, and the cool new 40-volt 12 inch chain saw and hedge trimmer. Around the house we started calling this “Our Ryobi Summer!”

The Problem: 2 Giant Cedars

Our 2 old cedars had grown to 16 plus feet, were competing for space, blocking our beautiful old centerpiece Rhododendron. Additionally, the overgrowth created some dangerous shadows for trespassers to lurk in, a serious issue for our close-in urban Portland neighborhood.

My task- find a way to get in close enough to remove the dense shrubs, clearing the area for future landscaping, and utilizing the wood remnants if possible. I came up with a three step plan.

The Solution: Trim, Saw, Chainsaw

First, I cut the outer layers of the shrub using our new Ryobi hedge trimmer. This gave me access to the larger stock-like cedar trunks. While using the trimmer, I couldn’t help but think “this cuts like butter”. It was perfect.

Second, the Ryobi pole saw allowed me to cut the upper branches and stocks down to a manageable 6-7 foot height, important since I worked this project alone. The saw effectively cut through everything one-half through 2-inch diameter branches.

Finally, the 12-inch cordless chain saw decimated the remaining trunk sections all the way down to the ground. I was amazed how the little saw cut easily through the 8-9 inch stump, providing some beautiful pieces I could incorporate into future décor hacks. I completing my task by cutting the remaining wood into fire pit sized pieces.

The Review

My first impressions of the Ryobi tools? They were so easy to use, and tough little workhorses. The 40-volt interchangeable battery packs lasted through the entire project and had plenty of torque. They never stalled. Based on this experience I would definitely go back to Ryobi for future home improvement purchases.

Disclosure: Ryobi provided the tools for this review.