Tutorial: Picture Frame Necklace Holder

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DIY Necklace Stand using a $1 frame

I love to accessorize, especially with necklaces, but I need a solution to my necklace storage issues! I came up with this cute way to display necklaces so I can enjoy them as decorations when I’m not wearing them — the picture frame necklace holder. Now that I have one, I’m gonna have to make about ten more so I have a place for all my necklaces.

Project Materials:

  • 8×10 picture frame, $1
  • Piece of scrapbook paper (or other background), on hand
  • 4 hooks, $1 and up (I used Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks)

Project Estimate: $2

Picture frame necklace holder

How to Make a Picture Frame Necklace Holder:

Picture Frame Necklace Holder

1. Remove frame backing and insert a piece of scrapbooking paper, or other desired background. Old book pages or newsprint would be cute! Or maybe some fabric, your favorite photo, or a collage.

2. Replace frame backing.

3. Clean frame glass with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.

4. Arrange hooks across the top of the picture frame. If you use Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks, place the hook and smooth out all air bubbles. Since the hooks are reusable, you can always rearrange the hooks if you need a different configuration, or if your hooks are spaced unevenly — definitely a great feature for me since I usually stick first and ask questions later.

5. Hang necklaces on frame (I doubled my chains so the necklaces would fit on the frame.)

TIP: If you need to store a LOT more necklaces, try these hooks on a non-textured wall, a large mirror, or even a window.

Picture Frame Necklace Holder

A note about the necklaces: The first one is a kid art necklace I made using my son’s drawings, the second and fourth are cheapies from my favorite junk fashion store, and the third necklace is a tiny granny square necklace I crocheted from embroidery floss.

Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks

These new hooks from Duck Brand® are strong, reusable hooks that you can use and reuse on smooth surfaces like painted (non-textured) drywall, plasterboard, tile, laminate, glass, stainless steel, or glass. Kind of like a sleek, updated suction cup hook!

Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks come in several sizes — the hooks I used for this project support up to 1/2 pound each, but there are 3 pound hooks and 5 pound hooks for heavier duty jobs.

Where to get them: Gecko Tech products can be found in Meijer stores and soon on Amazon and at Office Max.

Duck Brand® (the makers of Gecko Tech® Reusable Hooks™) is on Twitter — follow them at @TheDuckBrand.

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