Tips to Make it Easier For a Housecleaner

Over at Apartment Therapy, there was a great article about how to hire a housekeeper. This article came at a great time for me, because I really need to hire someone to help me out. After 37 years, I think I’m ready to admit that I’m just not enough, and I need some help. And that’s okay! Check out the article: How to Hire a Professional Housecleaner.

7 tips to make it easier for a housecleaner

But before you leave, I wanted to talk about something I found in the comments in that article. Tips for making your housecleaner’s job easier, as advised by a former cleaning lady (commenter latoyaversailles). Click over to read the full comment, but here are the Cliffs Notes:

  • Provide free cold beverages (water and soft drinks).
  • Leave the air conditioning turned on (especially in the summer).
  • “Green” cleaners may take longer, or not be as efficient. This is just the nature of what they do.
  • Some jobs just require paper towels.
  • If you aren’t a good cleaner, having a housecleaner more often can end up being cheaper for you (and easier for the cleaner).
  • It’s awkward for you to sit in the same room while the cleaner is working.
  • Don’t forget to tip during the holiday or the end of the time you need the cleaner.

photo: CC license from Flickr user jaymiek