Sproutsouth Terrarium Review


I love the look of house plants, but I must admit that I’ve never been the most successful gardener. So when Heather contacted me about doing a product review for a terrarium I was hesitant at first. What if I didn’t keep it alive even long enough to write the review? But then I started to read about terrariums and began to get excited.

Terrariums came into vogue in the Victorian Era when a surgeon, by the name of Nathaniel Ward, discovered that ferns grew better in a closed glass environment. It was actually entirely on accident that he stumbled upon this knowledge. He was studying the life cycle of a moth and observing it in a glass bottle with a little dirt at the bottom, when he noticed that a fern and some grasses had grown in the dirt. Four years later the fern and grasses were still thriving.

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Soon Dr. Ward did an experiment to see if plants could survive a long sea voyage in a closed glass environment. He sent plants native to England to Australia and then had them send native Australian plants back to him in what was then called a Wardian Case, and would later come to be called a terrarium. The plants thrived despite the salt air and difficult weather conditions. Soon terrariums were being used all over the world to transport plants and before long they were all the craze in Victorian England and could be found in almost every home.

Having learned all that, I began to get excited. Here was a way of gardening that sounded simple enough for even me to manage! Terrariums are usually made up of plants that need little watering and the glass environment that they are kept in helps to keep them happy and healthy. Plus they look beautiful!

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So, I jumped at the offer to review a terrarium and I’m so glad that I did! A few days latter I found this box on my doorstep from Sproutsouth.


Sproutsouth was started by Darby Cox and Sean Geng. They have a store front shop in Savannah, Georgia, and an online store that will make you ooh and aah with the beauty of each product.

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Their plants are grown and collected from an area in North Carolina that is rich in flora and lovingly arranged by Darby. The care instructions are simple enough even for someone with a brown thumb like me – just gently mist the moss every few days and give the tillandisa (a beautiful type of air plant) a bath in lukewarm water for 30 minutes every two weeks. That’s it.


The terrarium I received is so beautiful the hardest part for me has been deciding where to put it. I keep moving it around my house, sometimes setting it somewhere and other times hanging it.


As of now, I still haven’t decided the perfect place to hang it, so it’s brightening up this sunny corner of my kitchen. I love staring at it as I drink my cup of tea in the morning. Soaking up the greenery and beauty has been a great way to start my day.


You can order your own captivating terrarium from Sproutsouth online.

Disclosure: This terrarium was provided for review from Sproutsouth. All opinions are 100% my own.