Typographic Wall Banner

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Recently my husband was away from home for a few days. He doesn’t travel often and I was missing him a lot. So I decided to make him a welcome home banner. But, not just any welcome home banner. I wanted to make him something unique, something beautiful, something that I would be willing to keep up on my wall for a while.

Since we just moved we have lots of bare walls and undecorated spaces so I wanted something that would fill in some of that blank space. So I decided to write him a giant message on our bare bedroom wall. Something that really communicated how much I missed him. “Lets Make Out” summed it up pretty well.

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This project was super easy and since I had everything on hand already it was entirely free. It didn’t even take that much time.

Here’s what you need:

  1.  A few old paper grocery bags
  2. Scissors
  3. A pencil
  4. Double sided tape

That’s it! Pretty sure most of us could find those things around our house.

Start by cutting the paper grocery bag along one of the folds and cutting the bottom off. You should now have a long strip of brown paper. Next draw your letters with a pencil. I did this free style by hand using the top and bottom of the bag as a guideline so that all my letters would be the same height. Once you have the letters drawn in all you have to do is cut them out.

Beth's _IMG_5836

After you cut them out decide how you want your words arranged on the wall. I laid mine out on the floor to see how it would look first. Then cover the back side of each letter with double sided table and stick it to the wall.

Because this is just double sided tape it won’t last long. But, I was surprised to find that my letters didn’t start to fall off until about a month after I had hung them! I think the fact that these don’t last long is part of what makes it so fun. I get antsy with decorations and often want to change things up around my house.

I had started this project thinking it would be something I hang up just for a few days or a week as a banner, but now I’m thinking that I might continually be putting up new messages on this wall – varied by season, holiday, mood, and desire.

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“Lets Make Out” works well for the cold winter weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day, but perhaps the next message will be something along the lines of “Sweet dreams, Love” because we all could use a good night sleep around here.

How about you? What message would you hang?