Most Cool Tool 2014

_Ryobi Expand-it System

Ryobi’s Cordless Expand-it Power Head System

Summer’s about over. Most projects are finished here at our 100 year old Pacific Northwest urban home- a few still remain. After a full season of use, we want to share our choices for best of cool tools we discovered in the process.

Problem- TOO MANY TOOLS, NOT ENOUGH MONEY – How can I consolidate?

The Answer- Ryobi’s new “Expand-it” cordless electric interchangeable tool system with “Gas-Like Power”

We’ve been watching power tools for a long time, especially electric and especially cordless electric. There’s been a revolution in the couple of years to durable, powerful and well-designed products.

The Coolest Tool of this year for us is the Ryobi 40-volt Expand-it Cordless Power Head. It’s packaged with the Ryobi Expand-it String Trimmer, or can be ordered separately online at along with all the attachments. It is easy to handle, safe to operate and lighter than similar gasoline powered units.

_Ryobi Expand-it String Trimmer

Once you have this basic tool, you can supplement it with additional Expand-it products. This Summer, we’ve tried Ryobi’s brush cutter, edger, blower as well as the string trimmer attachments.

Their 40-volt cordless system raised the bar truly providing “gas-like power” on these cordless electric products. Additionally all attachments are interchangeable with Ryobi’s other 4-cycle gas power head or a 10-amp corded electric model (it uses most but not all attachments).

_Ryobi Power Head

Ryobi has become our perfect cordless electric tool choice for our urban home. Here’s why:

Today’s 40-volt Ryobi tools are powerful enough for pretty much every job we encounter.

_Ryobi Cordless Power Head

Ryobi’s 40-volt batteries last long enough to do most jobs on a single charge, and they’re interchangeable with the entire family of 40-volt tools. We only need 2 or 3 batteries to run everything through a full day of work!

_Ryobi Battery

We care about products that are clean and good for the environment. Clean, quiet cordless electric is the way to go. Plus, there is virtually no serious maintenance as you might find with anything gas powered.

All the Ryobi Outdoor Tools come with a standard 3-year Warranty. And, if you register the product within 30 days of purchase, Ryobi extends the warranty for an additional 2 years! They simply believe in their products and back that up.

Next week, we’ll show you how we use these Expand-it products.

Disclosure- Ryobi Outdoor provided these tools for evaluation. Ryobi Outdoor tools are available at Home Depot, or