Fall Cleanup: Edger Challenge


Here’s the thing in Portland- we sorta have two Springs.

Well… one Spring followed by a dry Summer with little new growth or yard maintenance. Then as rains return in October, everything takes off again and we have weekly yard work until Winter!

The past month we’ve been busy cutting grass, trimming hedges again, and now getting our Fall cleanup projects finished. In particular, this week we went to war with our lawn edging.


Our Challenge: Finding the Best Edging Solution

I’ve tried it all in the past year- those old hand “roller-edger” thingies (FAIL), a straight-edge shovel (works kind-of), and even a knife (sorry dear partner for “borrowing” your good cutlery!) That works adequately as long as you don’t mind doing it all on your knees risking cutting your thumb off.

I tried using those combination string trimmer/edgers but never had much luck on the edging part. It was always hard to get a clean cut, or to actually to cut through the sod, plus you go through string like crazy. That may be okay for maintaining an edge each week, but not for that initial cut.


My Answer: Ryobi’s Expand-it 40volt Edger System

Last year Ryobi Outdoor came up with a very cool product in its “Expand-it” system. Essentially it’s like those gas-powered string trimmers that allow attachments to do various jobs. In this case Ryobi responds to those of us that think “clean or renewable energy.” In place of greenhouse emitting gasoline exhaust and noise, they use a super strong (and quiet) rechargeable power-head. Combine that with attachments like a string trimmer, edger, brush cutter, blower plus others,and you have an awesome system of tools. I now use all of them and absolutely love the product.

_Ryobi Expand-it System




For this project we actually used two components- the Ryobi Expand-it Edger Attachment and the Ryobi Expand-it Universal Blower Attachment.


The Ryobi edger attachment cutting head is essentially just like what you’d find on a stand-alone electric or gas-powered edger.


The edger comes with a high quality dual-serrated edge blade simply adjustable to depth settings from 1/2-inch to 2 3/4-inches. It easily attaches and detaches from the power head.



_Ryobi All Adjustable

This is a fairly heavy-duty but yet lighter weight tool. We were able to use it cutting an edge 2 inches deep with almost no stalling. This is MUCH more effective than the string trimmer version of an edger.


The Expand-it Power Head utilizes Ryobi’s powerful 40 volt batteries interchangeable with virtually all Ryobi 40 volt cordless tools. The initial Expand-it system starts with a string trimmer, power head and two batteries plus a quick charger. For our project a single battery charge was sufficient to complete the job. Batteries will recharge from flat to full in about 90 minutes (remember when you had to wait overnight?).

_Ryobi Cordless Power Head


_Ryobi Power Head

_Ryobi Battery

One of my favorite reasons for choosing Ryobi has been the generous 3-year Warranty on nearly all the outdoor products. When I registered online in the first 30 days, they even added an extra 2 years for a total of five years of warranty coverage! I love a company that believes in their products.


Once our edging was complete, we slapped on the Expand-it Universal Blower attachment for simple clean-up. I think of the blower attachment more like a an air broom or sweep. It’s perfect for this level of job or cleaning up after cutting your lawn, but probably not enough to handle the heavy leaf fall coming in the next few weeks.

blower before during after

Ryobi Outdoor products have proven themselves at our home. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their performance. The are clean, quiet, powerful and effective. This would be a great tool gift for Husband, Partner or Dad!


Disclaimer: Ryobi provided these tools for our evaluation. Ryobi Outdoor tools are available at your local Home Depot or online at HomeDepot.com.