Cinder Block Planter Wall

cinder block planter wall

Cinder blocks are a humble material, but stacked into an eye-pleasing formation and transformed into a planter, they bring real appeal to a concrete patio. I estimate this configuration could cost less than $50 to make if you are clever about where you get your succulents (grow your own from friends’ cuttings!). And for about $10 you could have a scaled-down version that would be almost as fun (and could work well for an apartment patio). Project by Annette at {Pot-ted}.

I am so doing this!

Decor Hack: Use Cinder Blocks as Patio Planters

The original was made with 12″ cinder blocks and adhered together with Liquid Nails. The planter box parts were lined with pieces of broken cinder block glued in place with Liquid Nails, but a cheaper and simpler alternative (as suggested by designer Annette) could be to use tight wire mesh to line the blocks, keep the soil in, and allow water flow out.

DIY Patio Planter spotted at Traditionally Modern
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