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DIY décor and accessories can add character to any space. Even a small personal touch such as using your old favorite tee as your pillowcase can add a burst of color and individuality to the room, making it seem more welcome and comfortable. If you’re looking for budget-friendly DIY decoration projects to add flair and personality to your living space, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve curated some of the best cheap and easy-to-replicate decoration ideas that can help you turn your house into a home.

Doily Lamp

Got some old doily laying around? Use it to turn a bare light bulb dangling from a ceiling into a gorgeous doily lamp!

For this decoration project, you’ll need lots of doilies (get more than you think you’ll need!), a big balloon, wallpaper glue, resin, and of course, rubber gloves. Making a doily lamp is not particularly hard, however, it’s not the easiest project either so we recommend it to intermediate and experienced DIYers.

Chrysanthemum Mirror

A colorful decorative mirror can make a real statement but is often quite expensive to make. However, a Chrysanthemum decorative mirror is not only easy to create but it’s cheap too! Perfect for flower-lovers and folks looking for eye-catching decorations, this easy-to-create décor project can even be done by beginners in crafting.

To make a Chrysanthemum mirror, you’ll need lots of plastic spoons and glue sticks, some cardboard, a spray primer, and acrylic paint, and of course, a mirror of your choice.

Sock Covered Planters

If your plants could use a splash of color to liven up the space but you’re not much of a painter, consider repurposing your old colorful socks. Alternatively, you can purchase several new socks in colors you think would go best with the rest of your décor.

Super-simple to make and cheap too, this DIY project requires zero crafting skills as practically anyone can do it.

Chalkboard Air Conditioner Cover

If you’re looking to conceal your wall conditioner unit on the days when you don’t use it, why not try making the cover useful as well?

Instead of making a decorative door for the unit (although this is certainly an option as well!), you can place a chalkboard over it and use it for writing your daily reminders, monthly plans, or motivational quotes!

Thumbtack Font Wall Art

Personalize any room with thumbtack font wall art! This easy-to-make art project requires ordinary materials yet can look extraordinary, especially if you spell out your favorite quote or create a symbol of personal meaning to you.

To create thumbtack wall art, you’ll need basic materials such as a wood board, pencil, hammer, and some thumbtacks. You can also use paint to give some color to the board although it’s not necessary!

Fake Transom Window

If you feel like your space could use more light, we recommend trying out a pretty cheap but effective décor hack called the faux transom window.

To create it, you’ll need a long, narrow mirror and a trim molding that matches your doorway’s molding. Some tools are also required, such as paint, duct tape, screen moldings, a miter box, and perhaps an extra tool or two, depending on your level of DIY craft.

Upcycled Wall Number Art

If you like modern typography but find most pieces to be too expensive for your budget, you can create your own wall number art for cheap.

Either repurpose your old house numbers if you have them or purchase some in a thrift home improvement store. You can also buy new ones but upcycling old house numbers is better for the environment and your wallet, plus used items usually come with unique wear and tear that add personality to the piece.

Rainbow Striped Floor

Add color to your kid’s bedroom or even your porch by painting the floor in playful rainbow colors!

Rainbow and sorbet colors such as dusty pinks, mint greens, bright blues and lemon yellows can really brighten up any area and add personality to any space. But because this decoration project does require quite a bit of time and skill, we recommend it to already experienced DIY-ers.

Vintage-Inspired Light Switch Plate

If you like vintage style and are into decoupage techniques that involve old newspapers, this decoration project will be right up your alley.

To create a vintage-inspired light switch plate, you’ll need a Mod Podge, old newspapers of your choice, scissors, and of course, a light switch plate. The project is pretty inexpensive and easy to make but can add a personal touch to any room.

Wood Poster Frame

Whether you create your art yourself or buy it, framing it can help make the piece – whether it’s a painting, a drawing, or Lego art – stand out. But even plain poster frames are pretty pricy, not to mention, most are not of the greatest quality.

The good news is that with a bit of time and skill, you can make your own wood frames. If you have good-quality wood laying around, you can use it, but if you don’t, no worries as plain cheap MDF boards are more than good enough for this project.

Image Transfer to Wood

If you like photography and personalized art, you’ll love this fun DIY craft. Image transfer to wood is a unique way to display your favorite photos in your home, plus this type of art also makes the perfect handmade gift.

It is a slightly complex and more time-consuming project than others, but if you’re into crafting and unique, personalized art, it is so worth it! Just keep in mind that each photo you transfer will be backwards from its original.

Tie Dye Pillows

Bring some eye-catching style into your space with this easy DIY tie dye pillow project, also known as DIY Shibori pillows.

Fun and funky, Shibori pillows bring instant character to any space. As a bonus, they’re very much in trend right now! Oh, and they’re pretty simple to make as well. Just make sure you have appropriate natural liquid dyes handy and you’re pretty much good to go!

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Creating something new out of old, discarded items is not only good for the environment – it can also be great for your décor. If you like the rugged style and are into collecting bottle caps from your travels or just in general, this DIY project will be right up your alley.

To make your very own bottle cap wind chime, you’ll need plenty of bottle caps (the more the better!), some metal wires or jump rings and something for your centerpiece.

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are stunning and can help beautify any room; unfortunately, they also tend to be expensive. Thankfully, there’s DIY!

You can turn your small and plain mirror into something more dramatic using wooden dowels, some spray paint, liquid nails, and a few other easy-to-find tools and accessories. This is a cheap and pretty simple to make art project, but one that can perhaps make the biggest difference in your home!

Polka Dotted Ceiling

Add a pop of color to your kid’s bedroom or your craft room by painting the ceiling with colorful polka dots.

Gold polka dots will add warmth to any room, white ones will look like tiny stars on a navy ceiling, while multi-colored polka dots will transform any plain room into a fun and inspiring space to be in. If you don’t want to paint, that’s okay – decals work great too.

String Letters

Display your crafting skills and add visual interest to your space with string letters art.

While this DIY project can sometimes be time-consuming, when well-done, the end result is so gorgeous and unique that any crafter will tell you the effort is well worth it. We will say though that if you’re a complete beginner at string art, it’s best to start with one letter, not an entire word.

Geo Planter

Fan of geometric shapes? Then you’ll love this cool little decoration project.

Geo planters can look quite bold and therefore add character to any space, making them perfect for plant lovers. Best of all? There are countless ways to create geo planters – from using stone to hardware to wood – so both complete beginners and masters at crafting are bound to find a technique that suites them best.

Orb Chandelier

Have you noticed that many high-end stores have those gorgeous orb chandeliers? If you like the look of these vintage-turn-modern chandeliers but are not a fan of their prices, you’ll be pleased to hear that this can be a budget-friendly DIY project.

To create your orb chandelier, shop around for a cheap metal orb; Home Depot is an option but if you can find it thrifted that’s even better. Do not waste your money on brands that sell specialized chandeliers though as with some time, effort, spray paint and tools, you can create a just as good DIY orb chandelier!

Modern Dream Catcher

Does your bedroom suffer from bare walls? No worries! An easy DIY craft such as a Dream Catcher can really help inspire your walls, adding a touch of bohemian style to the room. As a bonus, it might even help filter out those bad dreams while helping you hold on to the good ones.

But the best thing about dream catchers? They’re so versatile. Aside from the traditional materials such as feathers, beads, twigs, and strings, you can also use simpler materials and designs for that modern look.

Mosaic Skull Mirror

If you’re into edgier décor, might we suggest making a mosaic skull mirror?

For a stylish-looking mirror mosaic skull, all you need are some broken mirror pieces, glue, and some artistic spirit. If you want to go the extra mile, consider tinkering with the frame as well and turning it into a small bone-like frame. How’s that for a cool memento mori reminder?

Cinder Block Planter Wall

Got some extra cinder blocks laying around your backyard? Why not turn them into an artsy vertical planter wall?

Incredibly durable and easy to make, this DIY project can perk up any garden or outdoor area. It’s also highly versatile as you can play around with the design in endless ways, plus make it as big or small as you want!

Painted Concrete Planters

Another way to make your cacti, succulents, and other smaller plants stand out is to plant them in uniquely painted concrete planters.

Like the previous project, this one too is incredibly versatile as you can use as small or as big concrete pots as you want, and paint them however you like. For the extra oomph effect, consider paint-dipping the pots or mixing bright and eye-catching colors.

Zip Tie Lampshade

Add a pop of color to your space with an artsy zip tie lampshade. Colorful and cheap and easy to do, this little DIY decoration project is perfect if you’re a beginner crafter.

To create it, all you need are some multi-colored zip ties, a steel mesh netting to replace your old lampshade (chicken wire works great too!), and some time. The end result will be a striking, playful lamp that will literally brighten up any room!

Beaded Chandelier

Beaded chandeliers can look elegant and gorgeous but many models also have that outdated look about them. Not to mention, they can be very expensive (anywhere between $400 to $800).

If you like how beaded chandeliers look but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get one, we highly recommend making your own beaded chandelier using wooden beads, which are not only much cheaper but also more modern and graceful-looking.

Antique Keys Wall Art Made Modern

Unique artwork can add individuality to any room but who has the money to pay for original pieces?

That’s why we love DIY art. Using old, vintage keys and a wood or metal frame, you can create original yet inexpensive wall art that goes great with practically any décor. For an antique look, use those elaborate vintage keys and an intricate wooden frame; for a modern look, use one simple key and frame it with plain metal.

Lace Window Screen

Yes, you read that right – we recommend using lace as your window screens. Before you click out in a hurry, let us give you two major reasons why lace makes great window screens: it will keep the insects out of your home and it will give you some privacy. As a bonus, it can look so cute!

Granted, this is not a décor hack for lovers of modern minimalism, but for those of you who like shabby chic, farmhouse, and cottage style, we promise you’ll love it!

Glass Insulator Pendant Lamp

If you like vintage home décor and are into repurposing materials, you’ll like the next DIY decoration project.

Glass insulator pendant lamps can really add a touch of personality to a room yet they’re so unobtrusive – great for a variety of spaces, including craft rooms, garages, and game rooms. But the best place for these unique-looking pendant lights? Over the bar in the kitchen, hands down.

Recycled Denim Textile Art

If you have more old clothes – specifically jeans – than you care to admit, why not repurpose them into something useful and beautiful?

Textural and striking, denim wall art can make a bare wall go from plain and boring to gorgeous and interesting. There are countless ways to make recycled denim textile art but the easiest way is to cut the material into strips and then sew them onto a fabric backing in whatever shape and design you like.

Screen Printed No-Sew Throw Pillow

Instead of throwing out your favorite old shirt, turn it into displayable memorabilia in the form of a pillow. And no, you don’t need to be an expert in sewing to do it; in fact, there’s no sewing involved in this simple DIY project!

You do, however, need some scissors to cut the shirt and make it into a throw.

Recycled Magazine Mirror

Create a beautiful conversation piece for your hallway or living room using old magazines and a mirror of your choice.

By rolling magazine pages and using them to make a frame of any shape for your mirror (our personal favorite has to be the sunburst effect), you can add drama and color to any bare wall.